Thursday, May 15, 2014

Trash the Dress

As promised here is the second part of yesterdays shoot. "Trash the Dress." This is so fun and truthfully I don't think it really trashes the dress but it's great to have a little fun in your wedding dress before you put it away. In full disclosure the groom forgot his white shirt and was none to happy about it but we powered through and they were such good sports and I think what we got was absolutely beautiful. Did I mention the water  was FREEZING!  Let me know what you think. I personally thought this was Ah-mazing and so jealous that I didn't think of it when I got married!

Incredible right?!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Just Married

Shame on me for not sharing earlier. This couple was actually already married when we shot this but since they didn't have an engagement shoot and the bride wanted to "trash the dress"we did a combined shoot so the photos could also be used at an open house at a later date. You dig? This is part one. These two were a blast to work with. So cool and laid back and hopelessly in love!

Come back tomorrow for "Trash the Dress!" You won't be sorry ;)