Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Kimberly & Austin Get Married For.Like.Ever

Welcome back to another round-up of past weddings. I've had tons of wedding inquiries lately and I realized that I have done a horrible job of posting weddings ( posting in general really)  and I need to catch up!
I love being able to shoot weddings for people I have watched grow up,  it's a pleasure to be able to spend their special day with them "behind the scenes" and really get a true sense of how in love they are! This couple just glowed, beautiful inside and out and we definitely captured that in pictures. 
Kim and Austin were married in The LDS Orlando Temple.  Photographers are not allowed inside but  we more than made up for it after the ceremony. Pictures galore so there will definitely be a part 2. 

I have to add some behind the scenes commentary for the picture below...
The brides mother who is directly behind the bride wanted to yell out "Everyone do Blue-Steel (the modeling pose made famous by Ben Stiller in Zoolander) but instead she yells out "Everyone do BLUE BALLS!" 
It was a major freudian slip but man did we laugh and I got one of my favorite shots of the day! These are the memories you never want to forget!

Photo Bomb!


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